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Krav Maga is the close quarter hand-to-hand fighting system of the Israeli Defence Forces, and is a battle-tested, reality based self defence system suitable for both men and women.

Krav Haganah - Close Quarter Combatives

Krav Maga (Hebrew: "contact combat") and Haganah (Hebrew: "the defence") another Israeli military modern combatives system, are the core of our self defence training, which also encompasses Western boxing, weapon defences, ground survival, and tactical security training.   It incorporates both unarmed and armed fighting methods that emphasise threat avoidance, or threat neutralization as appropriate, and escape at the first opportunity.


Although our priority is ALWAYS to avoid conflict and to escape to safety where possible, we train to confidently and assertively turn the fight back against the aggressor to ensure our survival.  It is said the "best defence is offense", and this is one of our key principles. 

Krav Haganah - Close Quarter Combatives

Our responses escalate fast and aggressively with simultaneous defensive and offensive counter striking to meet a threat head-on and overwhelm an assailant to allow you to escape safely.  Students are taught from the very beginning how to counter in the quickest and most effective way to defend against a variety of attacks from difference angles, under high pressure, and in positions of disadvantage.



Combat Evolved - Academy of Self Defence currently offers Krav Maga self defence classes for both adults and children in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, meeting to train at Wishaw Sports Centre, in squash court 1.


  • Monday evenings 7pm-9pm, adults Krav Maga class, ages 15+, £6.50 per class.


  • Wednesday evenings 6pm-7pm, kids Juniors class, primary school age, £2.50 per class.


  • Wednesday evenings 7pm-8pm, kids Seniors class, high school age to 14 incl, £3.50 per class.


  • Thursday evenings 7.30pm-9pm, Fighting Fit class, ages 15+ or accompanied by an adult, £4.50 per class.


  • We offer a two week trial period following which an annual Club Membership is needed,  which includes the benefits of tracked personal development, access to gradings, and insurance cover as well as a martial arts/self defence licence.  Adult membership is £20 per annum, kids membership is £15 per annum.


In every self defence class we study at least one choke or grab defence/escape, a weapons defence, plus our core close quarter combative fighting drills (CQC) that use various striking, elbows, knees, kicks, boxing and pad work.


  • We now offer 1-2-1 private training throughout the week during the day, and occasionally on Sundays when available, for personal and small group work, incorporating our Krav Maga and  Fighting Fit program of combative based fitness drill challenges designed to build confidence & mental focus, increase stamina, and improve your overall fitness and well-being, and is £15 per hour.

  • Distance based learning and training is also available by Skype video call at £10 per hour.


Wishaw Sports Centre

Address: Alexander St, Wishaw ML2 0HQ in Squash Court 1

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" Combat Evolved provides a very relaxed, fun environment to learn all aspects of personal safety and self defence.  The head instructor Chris is very informative and supportive in providing all the information and practical advice through thorough explanation and hands on experience that will help you grow and learn and become very confident in using the techniques taught.  You will find your confidence in yourself grow.  It provides real life scenarios in which we all can find ourselves in at anytime. It helps heighten your awareness of situations and your surroundings which you will use everyday.  It prepares you mentally should anything ever occur which in turn enables you to defend yourself properly and most importantly safely.  Its the best thing you could ever do for yourself !! "

- NT, student


Krav Haganah - Close Quarter Combatives

We also open up to discuss everything in detail from an attackers potential motivation, intent, objectives, options available, with examples of personal experience. As a group we support each other and often raise questions of "what if" during discussions or demonstrations, and we encourage our students to be as open and curious as possible.


"Our belief is that proper self defence training is a human right, not something that is costly or an expensive investment. We will not charge you a small fortune to learn. We are not here to make money off our students. We are not commercially driven. We are here to teach high quality, low cost self defence to empower individuals and give them the confidence they need to walk in safety and in peace"

- Chris Allan, Head Instructor, Combat Evolved - Academy of Self Defence


Therefore you can be assured of the best personal and group coaching drawn from over 30 years of martial arts experience, 20 years at black belt Instructor level, and 10 years of private security and close protection experience, including instructing Special Operations groups, PMC's, and the Police.


To arrange your first specially discounted session with us, or for more info contact -

Head Instructor Chris Allan on 07719 633654

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Combat Evolved - Academy of Self Defence - Krav Maga Wishaw Lanarkshire



Elizabeth Pearce
2015-06-13, 13:12
Learned loads today at the "Weapon Defences Workshop". Your patience and instructions are second to none. The knowledge and skills I have gained … read more